Have you ever stood in a wine shop in front of a shelf trying to figure out which wine to choose? Even if this is a store that has issued their flyer, usually it is not very helpful. Have you ever seen “sour,  tasteless, overall poor wine” remark in it? Obviously, that would have been an own goal. In fact, when we choose wine we tend to use such criteria as “colour”, “region” and “price”. Of course, each of us builds their own favourite wines list eventually, however, looking at the shelf, there is always a temptation to try something new. And then there is this doubt whether we will discover a real gem or the wine we would like to forget about as soon as possible.

Have you experienced a similar dilemma thinking whether it is worth going to the restaurant? In this case it might be easier, as there are definitely less restaurants than wines, nevertheless, there are still quite a lot of choices,  new restaurants are being opened constantly and their quality level varies. Like with everything, not always the expensive one is the best, it is worth knowing what and where to eat and which places to avoid.

I’ve decided to make food, wine and Scottish tipple lovers life easier and to describe my experience of various wine and whisky tasting and my visits to Tricity (mostly) restaurants. Of course this blog presents my subjective evaluation, each person has a different taste and might have a different opinion on what they like. However, if, thanks to my descriptions, you will come across something extraordinary, something that you will be delighted with, for me it would be a proof that running this blog makes sense.

Just for clarity’s sake, I need to mention that none of the entries will be an advertisement sponsored by praised shop or restaurant. The blog is utterly independent and I’m guided by my taste only.