My wine adventure

Before I proceed to description of particular wines, those that are my favourite and those which I honestly do not recommend, I will tell you a little bit about my wine preferences. They resulted from 15 years of experience in various wines tasting, so they are definitely not fabricated, nor dictated by current trends, but derived from many years of searching for tastes that [...]

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Château Talbot. France rulez?

It’s time for the first wine. I was wondering what to start with, various Chile carmeneres that are my favourite were on my mind, but teasingly, I’ve decided to write about… the French wine.  First of all, because I do not restrict myself to wines from Chile only and secondly, because Lidl has been seducing us with quite a collection of French wines lately. [...]

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Something to begin with

Have you ever stood in a wine shop in front of a shelf trying to figure out which wine to choose? Even if this is a store that has issued their flyer, usually it is not very helpful. Have you ever seen “sour,  tasteless, overall poor wine” remark in it? Obviously, that would have been an own goal. In fact, when we choose wine [...]

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