Before I proceed to description of particular wines, those that are my favourite and those which I honestly do not recommend, I will tell you a little bit about my wine preferences. They resulted from 15 years of experience in various wines tasting, so they are definitely not fabricated, nor dictated by current trends, but derived from many years of searching for tastes that I value most. Wines are like cars, to some extent – I drive the one I can afford and I can only watch Top Gear in order to feast my eyes on awesome cars in which Arab sheiks are cruising (with slight difference: sheiks buy those cars owing to the share they take each time I fill my tank). Unfortunately, good wine has the adequate price, no winemaker will sell a perfectly built wine for a song, especially in a view of still growing worldwide demand for wine. Another issue is appropriate price for the quality, there is a lot to talk about, this is quite a broad subject. But let’s cut to the chase. Perhaps French wines are good, but one has to pay for that quality. In the latest best wines of the world listing (according to Wine Spectator magazine) Spanish rioja (Rioja Imperial Gran Reserva 2004) became top of the top with quoted price 63$, 2nd was French Château Canon-La Gaffelière St.-Emilion 2010 worth 103$. Obviously, those are not the most expensive wines on the list, 98th is French Château d’Yquem for 150$ (and just below, on 100th is Tuscany wine for 10$) The price is of course a matter of agreement,  try to buy the first wine on the list for the above mentioned price (I only managed to find Imperial securities on the Internet, it’s not possible to taste the wine yet). But coming back to the main topic, good French wine is not cheap, wines from other parts of the world have equally perfect quality and are usually cheaper. So, as the advertisement say, if you can’t see the difference, why overpay, and I strongly support this kind of attitude. I prefer wines from other regions. Which regions? First of all, my greatest love – Chile. I will dedicate a few future entries to this region. I also value Spain, they have perfect wines, although there are some poor wines as well. I’ll speak more of Spain in some time. I have rather ambiguous feelings towards Italian  wines, I’ve tried a few (literally) very good wines, some average and a lot of poor wines. I do not close myself for Italy, because they produce good wines for sure, but I’m still searching for something worth coming back to and something constantly available. You can always find something interesting in USA, South Africa or Australia, but those are not my favourites. Since I choose red wine more often than white wine, wines from countries like Greece, Germany, Israel or Hungary are in my wine storage relatively seldom. Argentina tends to be a little bit too spicy, therefore I don’t know it well, however I will not omit it in my pursuit of perfect taste.

To sum up, just like there is Porsche, Bugatti or Aston Martin – the top-end cars and definitely, the average car will never be as good as them, there are also outstanding French or Spanish wines from the top shelf, which we can watch in Wine Spectator only. In my opinion, among wines accessible to average wine lover, generally the most interesting ones are those from Chile.