It’s time for the first wine. I was wondering what to start with, various Chile carmeneres that are my favourite were on my mind, but teasingly, I’ve decided to write about… the French wine.  First of all, because I do not restrict myself to wines from Chile only and secondly, because Lidl has been seducing us with quite a collection of French wines lately. I’ve spent some time in front of the shelf in Lidl, thinking about which wine to choose in order to avoid the French slip-up again. There were three top-end wines only, one of them described as heavy, which is my favourite type. Château Talbot 2010. Price: PLN 199, which is quite a lot for Lidl.  The cashier, after scanning the barcode, apologized that the price must be wrong in the system, so I had to assure her there is no mistake and the expression on her face after hearing that would be difficult to imitate.

A few words about the wine. According to Lidl flyer Chateau Talbot is red, heavy, dry wine. Intense colour, red and dark blue with ruby reflection, the wine leaves distinct long tears on the inside of a glass. Bouquet aromas:  cedar, blueberry, prune, chocolate, tea. It can be stored until 2026. Respect! But who’s able to keep the wine in the storage for so long. The vineyard is 101 ha which is one-eighth of Saint-Julien appellation. It is located in Médoc region, which is a part of wine region Bordeaux. The wine is a blend of 66% cabernet sauvignon, 26% merlot and other vine stocks.

The bottle catches the eye but it is not as sumptuous as some of the French wines. Simply elegant.

Chateau Talbot 2010

Chateau Talbot 2010

The cork was easy to remove and looked like new. Definitely, they do not cut back on corks. While pouring the wine into glass, a promising, deep ruby colour can be observed. Tears on the glass are fantastic, this wine literally cries. Opaque in glass, barely translucent. Aroma is also pleasant, one can smell dark fruit. Such a wine cannot taste badly.

Chateau Talbot 2010

Time for flavour test. Quite heavy indeed, but not as much as I expected. Distinct flavour of blackcurrant. I cannot identify the prune, but, what is interesting, the advertised tea flavour can be sensed. I don’t feel the chocolate, perhaps I eat different types of chocolate. However, I’ve got the impression that it is a little bit too light for a heavy wine.

Is this wine worth PLN 199? Probably it will find its advocates, but for me is not fruity enough and has a poor finish. I have tried more interesting wines for that price so this one will not be included on my favourite and most desired wines list. And I’m not convinced by the fact that, according to Lidl, this wine is  34th on the most wanted wines of the world list (by the way, I’m curious what kind of ranking is that). Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and it was worth trying, this was one of the best French wines I’ve tasted so far.

My rating: