What indicates the category of a restaurant? Tasteful, elegant, atmospheric interior design? Certainly. Sophisticated, outstanding dishes on the menu? As well. But even if all those conditions are met, customer might leave the restaurant dissatisfied. Because they simply didn’t like the food. Therefore, good cooking is essential, and the way difficult dishes like beef steak, classic T-bone or beef fillet is prepared, indicates the quality of a restaurant. I’ve seen many restaurants, which called themselves prestigious, where, unfortunately, the menu was disappointing. And probably not always the chef was to blame, but for instance, the fact that it is not easy to buy good quality beef. Therefore, sadly, there are not many restaurants where we can eat perfectly cooked beef, that we can never get enough of. One of the restaurants I can recommend with my full responsibility is Butchery&wine in Warsaw at Żurawia Str. 22. Quite good location, in the very centre, but at the side street of Marszałkowska Str. so one doesn’t feel all that Warsaw buzz. It looks rather inconspicuous from the outside, pleasantly furnished in the inside, not pretentious, perhaps a little bit austere even, but general impression – very positive.  Tables arrangement well thought out, guests are not packed like sardines. But there is not much space, I did not count but approximately 10 tables, maybe less. I wouldn’t risk coming without reservation.


First come the starters. Roast bone marrow attracts the attention but for the first time I’ve chosen something more classical. Foie gras parfait with red onion marmalade. Very tasty, delicate appetizer, worth trying.

fois gras Butchery&wine

In the meantime, choice of wine. Convinced by the waitress, I ordered Italian Il Velluto Amarone della Valpolicella Classico. Admittedly, I’ve been thinking about something from Chile but the waitress was quite convincing, so I was tempted to try Italy and decided to take the risk.

Il Velluto Amarone della Valpolicella www.delightoftaste.com

As soon as it was poured to the glass, one could tell it would be the delicate wine. Vivid red colour, but not dark. Very delicate flavour, only after half a bottle I started to sense the fruity notes.  At the end I thought it’s decent for this wine category but I will not include it in my favourite wines. Especially with grilled steak it vanished a little bit.

Meanwhile, it was time to order the main course. Grill menu looks promising.  12 steaks in various versions, really, not easy to decide. I’ve chosen meat that is one of the most difficult to grill: T-bone. Very rarely can one find T-bone which is in fact medium, therefore I was curious how would the Butchery&wine chef manage. My cousin who accompanied me during the dinner, ordered grilled aged beef fillet served with fondant potato, spinach and truffles.

I must admit, those dishes looked tasty.

T-bone steak Butchery&wine

polędwica wołowa Butchery&wine

T-bone was delicious, perfectly soft, literally melting in one’s mouth. Although it was a little bit overdone, the meat was not as juicy as it should be, but it was so perfectly soft that one could totally forgive that. One thing that was unbelievable – the meat was from Poland. I’ve never eaten such a good Polish beef. My cousin’s beef fillet was equally perfect, definitely more medium, beautifully pink inside.

In the meantime, the bottle of Amarone was emptied. The waitress, seeing that she didn’t exactly match my taste, asked a sommelier for assistance. The aim was simple – heavy, full-bodied, fruity wine.  And not from Italy or France. Out of a few suggestions I’ve chosen Spanish Quinta Sardonia from Castilla y Leon. It was definitely more interesting choice, the wine had a beautiful, deep colour, interesting bouquet and perfect, full taste and long finish. Conclusion – when choosing top-end wines, ask for a sommelier.

quinta sardonia www.delightoftaste.com

And so, savouring that brilliant wine we got through to the dessert. I’ve chosen chocolate cake with cream mousse, my cousin took an interesting version of  apple pie. Both desserts complemented that excellent feast.

ciastko czekoladowe Butchery&wine

szarlotka Butchery&wine

I must admit, there are not many places where I wish to come back to just after I left. My only complaint is that opening hours are quite short (kitchen accepts orders till 10 p.m.), we would feel guilty if we stayed after 11 p.m., although no one was asking us to leave, of course. But in a place like that, one would love to stay a little longer.

To sum up, if you feel like eating excellent grilled beef, Żurawia 22 in Warsaw is definitely the right place. The restaurant’s motto is “Love what you eat”. I’d add “Love the places where everything is perfectly cooked”.