Valdecampana from Ribera del Duero. Good, reliable Ribera.

Long time ago, I used to associate Spanish wines with cheap, low quality wines from megastores, something like equivalent of „no name“ floppy disks (if anyone remembers those days). A perfect choice for a student’s budget. A little bit later, Rioja wines joined the selection. Uneven in quality, sometimes perfect but sometimes simply poor. And it went like this until my lovable friend from [...]

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    1884 Limited Production from Escorihuela Gascon. Nice Argentinian Malbec.

1884 Limited Production from Escorihuela Gascon. Nice Argentinian Malbec.

I like full-bodied, heavy wines with deep colour and taste. So are the wines, among others, made of Malbec grapes, especially from sunny Argentina. Therefore, as I was searching for the next wine for my tasting lately, I aimed at finding a decent Malbec. It’s not the most popular varietal, so I went straight to the wine store, I didn’t want to experiment with [...]

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Huaquen Carmenere 2011. Good wine at a good price.

It’s not a challenge to buy a perfect wine for a lot of money. The iconic wines are well known and one has to simply have enough cash and go to a good wine store. It is much more difficult to choose a good wine for a little bit less money. Within mass produced wines category, there is an enormous quantity of wines of [...]

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