I like full-bodied, heavy wines with deep colour and taste. So are the wines, among others, made of Malbec grapes, especially from sunny Argentina. Therefore, as I was searching for the next wine for my tasting lately, I aimed at finding a decent Malbec. It’s not the most popular varietal, so I went straight to the wine store, I didn’t want to experiment with supermarket wine. It occurred that they just have a promotion in a wine store that I visited. The price for Malbec recommended by salesman was reduced from PLN 129 (about 30€) to nearly PLN 110 (26€). That’s not little money but I’ve decided to take a risk. I’ve bought 1884 Limited Production from Escorihuela Gascon. A vineyard in Mendoza region, Argentina of course.

limited production malbec 2009 1

limited production malbec 2009 2

High-altitude vineyards are exposed to more intense sun. After spending 12 months in French and American oak barrels, the wines are further aged in bottles for 2 years.

limited production malbec 2009 3

limited production malbec 2009 4

As befits a good Malbec, the wine has a perfect, beautiful deep ruby colour. Practically opaque in glass. Dense red tears. I even managed to  capture them in my photo, which, in case of some wines is infeasible. I was already sure PLN 110 was not wasted.

limited production malbec 2009 5

limited production malbec 2009 6

Flavour did not disappoint me. The wine is highly concentrated, taste of the barrel can be sensed easily. There are no sharp pepper notes as in Huaquen which I’ve tasted lately, it’s definitely more subtle, balanced and harmonic. One can pleasantly delight in it, discovering its subtleties. It could be a little bit cheaper, I hope the store will offer discounts in future, because this is an interesting proposal within Malbec category.

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