Valdecampana from Ribera del Duero. Good, reliable Ribera.

Long time ago, I used to associate Spanish wines with cheap, low quality wines from megastores, something like equivalent of „no name“ floppy disks (if anyone remembers those days). A perfect choice for a student’s budget. A little bit later, Rioja wines joined the selection. Uneven in quality, sometimes perfect but sometimes simply poor. And it went like this until my lovable friend from [...]

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    1884 Limited Production from Escorihuela Gascon. Nice Argentinian Malbec.

1884 Limited Production from Escorihuela Gascon. Nice Argentinian Malbec.

I like full-bodied, heavy wines with deep colour and taste. So are the wines, among others, made of Malbec grapes, especially from sunny Argentina. Therefore, as I was searching for the next wine for my tasting lately, I aimed at finding a decent Malbec. It’s not the most popular varietal, so I went straight to the wine store, I didn’t want to experiment with [...]

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Huaquen Carmenere 2011. Good wine at a good price.

It’s not a challenge to buy a perfect wine for a lot of money. The iconic wines are well known and one has to simply have enough cash and go to a good wine store. It is much more difficult to choose a good wine for a little bit less money. Within mass produced wines category, there is an enormous quantity of wines of [...]

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Fairview Shiraz 2011 – from some actor’s collection

When I was in Warsaw not so long ago, I decided to visit a shop owned by quite famous man, who has sacrificed acting in order to pursue his passion for wine. By the way, I’m not surprised by his decision at all, but that’s a subject for another entry. I bought a few wines in that shop. I asked the amiable salesman to [...]

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Butchery&wine. Warsaw’s steak lovers paradise.

What indicates the category of a restaurant? Tasteful, elegant, atmospheric interior design? Certainly. Sophisticated, outstanding dishes on the menu? As well. But even if all those conditions are met, customer might leave the restaurant dissatisfied. Because they simply didn’t like the food. Therefore, good cooking is essential, and the way difficult dishes like beef steak, classic T-bone or beef fillet is prepared, indicates the [...]

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    Marques de Casa Concha. A pleasant mid-range wine from Concha y Toro

Marques de Casa Concha. A pleasant mid-range wine from Concha y Toro

It’s time for Chilean wine. I was wondering which one I should start with, didn’t want to reach for the top shelf but, on the other hand, didn’t want the lowest shelf either for the beginning. I’ve chosen quite a pleasant wine from one of my favourite Chilean wine makers – Concha y Toro. This producer is known in Poland for famous Casillero del [...]

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